Vintage Green Beige Bush Bakelite TR82C Transistor Radio

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Product Description

This Vintage Green Beige Radio is a Bush Bakelite TR82C model and was manufactured around 1959-1962. It consists of marvellous milky green, with matte black Vinyl sides and metal handle and chrome trim to add a contrasting tone to the vintage radio. It's understandable why this radio was popular amongst the teens in the 1960s:  its portable size and handles gives you the freedom to carry it around everywhere where you go, something that was rather rare at the time. The built-in 5inch Celestion speaker would have provided a very satisfying amplified sound, one where you can reminisce back to your teenage years. However, due to its age, it would be better used as an accessory.

This TR82C comes in pale green and blue, as well as 7 Mullard OC-series transistors powered battery for long-lasting use. It was manufactured in Ernesettle in Plymouth, made of moulded Bakelite plastic in the pale green greige colour, and a black Vinyl side as a contrast.

The design was created by David Ogle, called Bush TR82, which was highly successful commercially. The radio has elements of a mid-century modern style: a classic, sleek accessory to add to your modernised home if you like a vintage collectable piece.

 Individual Characteristics

This vintage green beige Bush Bakelite is a TR82C model, and the dimensions are 13.5 “in height, x 10.7” in Width, and 3.75 “in diameter.  As a vintage piece, this Bush Bakelite radio remains in good condition, with few marks and scratches on the surface consistent with its usage. Additionally, with portable handle, you can place this radio anywhere you wish, since it is only 3.3kg in weight.

Investment Value

We would consider this Bush Bakelite radio more of a decorative piece, rather than for functional use. As with old radios, it might be worth to check the battery if you wish to use it. Therefore, we wouldn’t consider this as a rarity or a high investment piece, however, it still, of course, remain as a very good purchase.