Bottoccino Marble Herman Miller Vintage Eames La Fonda Side Table

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Product Description

This is an exquisite, extremely rare example of Herman Miller La Fonda Eames Side Table with beautiful, polished Bottoccino Marbles. This upmarket side table was produced using luxurious natural stone top, supported by aluminum 4-sided feet with a height of 18inches, making this side table a perfect size to fit conveniently in your office or living room. Interestingly, what makes this side table different to the other contract or universal base tables is the beautiful natural stone top that is produced in the highest quality of marble, making this side table a must-have item.

The La Fonda series was designed by Charles Eames and Ray, commissioned by Alexander Girard to design for the New York restaurant. This Series consists of fiberglass arm and side upholstered chairs, and tables with beautiful marbling detail, available in variations of marbles, such as Onyx, Cararra, Perlatto, and Bottoccino. The designs were reflective of a Latin-American theme of the restaurant, which was a so successful that the designs were marketed by Herman Miller after the initial launch at the restaurant.

Individual Characteristics

This beautiful, polished greige side table has a classic, Bottoccino marbling details, and 4 aluminum legs attached to the table. As this is a vintage table, the table side does have some minor black marks, and the aluminum legs do show sign of age, with nylon feet. However, considering its age and the delicacy of the marble, this table is still in a very good condition. 

The yellow label attached to the back of the table indicates that this was manufactured in the 1960s.

Investment Value

The most visible sign of rarity is the label; the yellow Herman Miller medal indicates that it is made in the 1960s, and the Italian Bottoccino marble itself also rare as the marble is scarcely used within the La Fonda Series, as opposed to others such as Carrara. This table is one of a kind, and it would be considered a very valuable investment piece.