Walnut & Black Herman Miller Original Eames Tall Lounge Chair & Ottoman

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Product Description

The iconic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman has become even more comfortable with this original Herman Miller produced tall back version in classic black leather. A slightly more modern variant, this luxurious and supple chair retains the essence of the original Eames chair whilst ensuring it can keep up with modern demands.

The Eames Lounge Chair was introduced in 1956 and became an instantly desirable piece. A highly comfortable and deluxe piece that was reasonably priced in comparison to other Lounge Chairs on the market, though designed as a luxury piece, this chair found its’ fame easily. The elegant design enables the user to really ‘lounge’ comfortably in it and this version sports a higher back, catering for the taller people seeking comfort.

The chair was also a favourite of Charles Eames’s great friend, Alexander Girard, who was reported to have owned a Beige and Rosewood version in his Santa Fe house.

Individual Characteristics

As a used later version of this coveted piece, its condition is excellent. The leather is supple and the finish of the wood is as you would expect, immaculate.

The ottoman too is in great condition.

The sticker on the underside of the chair indicates this is a newer example of the Herman Miller and Eames Lounge Chair.

Investment Value

Eames Lounge Chairs have always been highly desired. A chair that successfully combines comfort, style and class, it is easy to understand how they have seen almost constant production. Newer versions command a reasonable price, but should manage to retain it due to their popularity.