Walnut Herman Miller Original Eames LTR Little Coffee Table

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Product Description

A highly versatile classic. This original Herman Miller Eames design has moved with the times with this beautifully finished walnut topped black frame LTR table. The perfect little table can be used in any small space; as a stackable and compact side table, bedside table, basically anywhere you need a small table.

The wire frame construction utilized the same techniques the Eiffel Base used for the shell chairs and this light but sturdy design was an obvious choice when creating a light and sturdy small table. The original tables were offered with a laminated wood finish, but later versions by Herman Miller include stone tops too.

Individual Characteristics

As a newer example of the classic LTR table this is in good used condition. The top is as you would expect from Herman Miller, full of texture and grain and does not have any dents or scratches.

The Eames sticker on the underside indicates this is a more modern version of the LTR table.

Investment Details

Eames products always gain a lot of respect and interest. The extent to which their designing capabilities reached is remarkable and as a result their work is highly regarded. As with many things, interest value is usually higher for aged original variants with their condition and origin being main factors which determine how much interest they gain. As a newer piece its investment value may be low at the moment, but it should never really lose its value.