White Herman Miller Vintage Eames La Fonda Arm Chair

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Product Description

A fantastic version of the La Fonda chair, this white shell, dark grey base beauty from Eames and Herman Miller truly captures the essence of La Fonda. This graceful chair was commissioned for the La Fonda restaurant after Alexander Girard was hired to refurbish it. Girard commissioned the Eames to produce a special series of their fiber shell chairs with lower backs and arms to ensure they would not protrude higher than the table they were serving. Thus in 1960, the La Fonda series was born.

The shells were available much like the standard fiberglass shells, in an arm or side variant, either in their standard fiberglass finish or with an upholstered option in either naugahyde fabric or vinyl. The construction and design of the split contract base was unique for this particular project, designed to take up very little room under the table providing a minimalistic appearance.   

Individual Characteristics

This particular example of the iconic chair sits proudly upon its silver base and is in exceptional condition for its age. It does appear to have been upholstered originally but over time this has been professionally removed.

Both the shell and the base are in excellent vintage condition.

The ‘S’ within the circle logo on the underside of the shell indicates it originates from Herman Millers Summit Plastics factory.

Investment Details

The La Fonda series is a unique piece which has always retained strong interest due to its design heritage and rarity. With this example being in such good condition you should expect to see this chair continuing to gain interest. The historically removed upholstery is the only reason this chair scores a lower star rating.