Yellow Herman Miller Original Ochre Eames Upholstered RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A quite rare example of a vintage, original, ochre Eames and Herman Miller RAR arm shell chair finished in a beautiful yellow vinyl designed by Alexander Girard. Sat upon its used, newer, light ash RAR rocking base, this chair really envisages the iconic design produced by the iconic couple. 

The design of the shell has changed very little over the many years it has seen production, with only changes to the mounts and the introduction of the upholstered finishes being implemented. The design director for Herman Miller (and the Eames’s friend) Alexander Girard was approached to help design upholstered finishes for the side and arm shells. Girard was known for his extensive and dedicated approach to his work and, typical of his style, he produced a wide variety of options using fabric and vinyl for the Eames’s shell chairs.

Individual Characteristics

The arm shell is in good condition with only some natural wear expected with age. The vinyl finish does show its age with signs of use and some marks in the vinyl, but it does not have any tears present; there may be some small lifting in the ‘corners’ of the shell, however this is only very minor. The ochre shell is also similarly aged though it does still look very nice and will look more so after a good clean.

This combination of coloured shell with vinyl is a slightly rarer version to find, the more commonly used shells for the upholstered chairs were white, black and greige.

The ‘C’ with star indicates this shell originates from Herman Miller’s Cincinnati Plastics factory.

Investment Details

The Eames shells are a great investment piece, but many factors affect how valuable they are. The origin of the shell, its age and even the colour can have an effect on its value. The generally good condition of the shell and vinyl, coupled with the rarer use of a coloured shell, on this particular chair aids with its investment value.